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Robo-Tek Robo Minnow

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Cordless and Easy to Use. The Robo Minnow is completely cordless, providing you with the ultimate convenience. Simply power up your cleaner, submerge it in your pool, and watch as the Robo Minnow goes to work, making pool maintenance a breeze.

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RoboTek Robo Minnow – Coming to Queensland

Introducing the Robo Minnow, a marvel of jet-powered performance, revolutionising pool cleaning. This innovative cleaner employs water jet propulsion, effortlessly navigating and capturing particles with its 110-micron filter. The impressive waste canister ensures a thorough clean for your pool, tackling even the tiniest debris.

Experience the convenience of self-parking with the Robo Minnow, effortlessly gliding to the pool’s edge for easy retrieval using the included hook. Say goodbye to the hassle of struggling to retrieve your cleaner and hello to a simplified, effective cleaning routine.

Equipped with a newly designed battery, the Robo Minnow offers ample run time for residential pools. A quick 4-hour charge provides 60 minutes of efficient cleaning – more than sufficient for most domestic pools. This cleaner is optimised for pools up to 50m2, catering to various pool designs, including round above-ground pools and in-ground flat-floored pools.

Invest in the Robo Minnow by Robo-Tek, where innovation meets simplicity. Elevate your pool maintenance journey with a cleaner that not only performs exceptionally but also makes your life easier. Embrace the future of pool cleaning with the unmatched efficiency and convenience of the Robo Minnow.


Jet Powered Performance

  • The Robo Minnow uses water jet propulsion to effortlessly seek out and capture the tiniest particles in its unique 110-micron filter. Hungry for debris, the Robo Minnow boasts an impressive waste cannister ensuring your pool is comprehensively cleaned.

Self Parking Simplicity

  • No more struggling to retrieve your pool cleaner! The Robo Minnow features self-parking capabilities, effortlessly gliding to the side of your pool for easy retrieval with the included retrieval hook. Enjoy the simplicity of a cleaner that performs exceptionally and makes your life easier.

Ample run time for residential pools

  • Experience extended cleaning sessions with the Robo Minnow’s newly designed battery. With a quick 4-hour charge, it provides 60 minutes of efficient cleaning capabilities – more than enough for most domestic pools.

Ideal for Brisbane Swimming pools up to 50m2

  • Whether you have a round above-ground pool or an in-ground flat floored pool. the Robo Minnow handles pools up to 50m2.
  • Invest in the Robo Minnow by Robo-Tek – where innovation meets simplicity. Make your pool maintenance journey a seamless and enjoyable one.

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