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Zodiac Baracuda Genuine Twist Lock Hose 1m Length x 10

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Discover the Genuine Zodiac Baracuda Pool Cleaner Hose – a reliable solution for versatile pool maintenance. Crafted with quality materials, this 1m hose offers superior flexibility and durability. Perfectly suited for Zodiac’s MX6, MX8, AX10, T5, T3, new G2, and X7 models. Upgrade your cleaning routine with authentic Zodiac quality.

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Genuine Zodiac / Baracuda Twist Lock Pool Cleaner Hose – 10 metres

Experience unparalleled flexibility and durability with our Genuine Zodiac Pool Cleaner Hose. Crafted from high-quality materials, this hose offers superior performance compared to traditional stiff plastic alternatives. With a length of 1 meter, it provides great flexibility, ensuring easy manoeuvrability for pool cleaners such as Zodiac’s MX6, MX8, AX10, T5, T3, new G2, and X7.

Constructed with utmost precision, this hose is designed to withstand the rigours of pool maintenance, offering a reliable and long-lasting solution for your cleaning needs. Its compatibility with various Zodiac pool cleaners makes it a versatile choice, providing you with the convenience of a single, dependable hose for multiple cleaner models.

Trust in the quality and authenticity of this Genuine Zodiac product, ensuring that you receive a hose that meets the high standards set by Zodiac. Upgrade your pool cleaning experience with a hose that combines great flexibility, durability, and compatibility – the Genuine Zodiac Pool Cleaner Hose. Dive into hassle-free pool maintenance with confidence.

Suits the following Zodiac and Baracuda Pool Cleaners

  • Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac G1 Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac G3 Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac AX10 Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac AX20 Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac T5 Duo Pool Cleaner
  • Zodiac T3 Pool Cleaner
  • Baracuda Manta Pool Cleaner
  • Baracuda Tracker pool Cleaner

2 Year Warranty Genuine Zodiac Spare Parts

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