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Quality Swimming Pool Covers and Rollers – Australia

Owning a swimming pool in Brisbane is a great way to spend time with family and friends. A healthy pool promotes outdoor living, an active lifestyle, and fun for all ages.

Maintaining a healthy swimming pool can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With the correct swimming pool cover and roller combination, your pool heater will be more efficient in the cooler months and your water cleaner year-round. A quality swimming pool cover will also reduce evaporation in summer and save you money on unnecessary water top-ups and chemical adjustments. Read our expert article on WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO HEAT A POOL IN AUSTRALIA? to learn how a quality pool cover and roller will complement your pool heater.

Benefits of a Swimming Pool Cover

A swimming pool cover is placed over the pool when it’s not in use. Have you considered these benefits?

Keep Leaves Out Of Your pool

Most pool owners install a pool cover and roller system to keep leaves, and other debris out of the pool. If your pool has trees close by, you would be aware of the constant battle to keep falling leaves, pollen and branches out of the pool. Installing a pool cover means you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning the pool and you will reduce the organic phosphate levels from decaying leaves.

Reduce Water Evaporation in Summer

A pool cover will reduce water evaporation during the summer months. Evaporation will cause your water level to drop. If the water level falls below the skimmer box, this will have dire consequences on your pump as it could run dry. With rising living costs, constantly filling your pool with water can add to the family budget. With the addition of water to your pool comes the addition of extra chemicals to correct the range.

Eliminate Ducks and Birds Using Your Pool

If you’re experiencing water birds such as ducks using your swimming pool like their personal pond, a swimming pool cover will eliminate this problem. Ducks and other birds using your pool to bath and defecate is not only unsightly but harmful to pool users.

Keep Your Pool Warmer in Winter

Your pool loses energy in the form of heat. By installing a quality pool cover and roller, you will reduce the heat lost in your swimming pool’s water. A cover used with the correct pool heating unit will allow you to extend your swimming season. Visit our free, interactive pool heating calculator for data to help you choose the correct pool heater for your swimming pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are available in a range of varieties:

Solar Pool Covers

Pool owners love solar covers because of how they function. Solar covers trap the warm air inside the pool and act as a thermal blanket to keep the water warm when the weather gets cold. It traps the sun’s energy during the day and prevents your pool getter cold.

High-quality solar covers will reduce your pool’s evaporation by up to 90%. They’ll also save your heating costs by 75%. Generally, solar covers are usually light but durable materials.

Solar covers have air pockets (bubbles) that allow light to pass through. But after passing through, this light can’t escape; therefore, the cover acts as a mini greenhouse that traps heat.

400B – Blue Solar Pool Cover

Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal pool covers are a cost-effective way to heat and protect your pool. They are manufactured from thick insulating materials. In addition to keeping your pool clean from ducks, birds, leaves, debris, and dirt, they also trap heat. These covers allow heat to transfer to the pool but prevent heat from escaping through the cover.

Thermotech Blue Foam Insulating Pool Cover by Daisy

Why You Need a Swimming Pool Cover Roller

Pool cover rollers can be either automatic or manual. Automatic pool covers are a good choice for pool owners who may not be able to physically operate a manual pool roller. The automatic cover requires very little effort to operate. The manual roller, as you may expect, requires you to physically wind or turn the roller.

The roller flattens out the swimming pool cover and secures it above the swimming pool. The swimming pool cover roller helps keep the cover taut (tight) and positioned correctly to offer all the cover’s benefits.

Under Bench Pool Cover Roller Western Red Cedar

Make Your Life Easier

The swimming pool roller makes it a breeze to get the pool cover on and off. The entire process will take less than a minute.

Without the pool cover roller, you’ll have to fold, lift, and store the pool cover physically. Keep in mind that pool covers use heavy, durable materials.

Increases the Cover’s Lifespan

If you manually take off the pool cover, there’s a chance that you’ll drag it across the ground, possibly tearing or adding unnecessary wear. Note, that dragging the pool cover over rough terrain will affect its warranty. Overall, a pool cover on roller is safer and easier to use.

How to Choose the Best Quality Pool Covers and Rollers

If you’re shopping for a new swimming pool cover and roller, there are a few things to consider:

  • Material: pool cover and roller construction material should be strong enough to withstand the harsh weather and sun throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, Queensland.
  • Size: Make sure you choose a cover and roller that is the right size for your pool. Pool Equipment Brisbane can help you find the correct equipment for your swimming pool.

Should You Cover The Pool Every Night?

Although this sounds like a difficult job, with the correct cover and roller, covering your pool every night will be easy, it takes less than a minute with the right equipment. By covering your swimming pool, you’ll need to clean it less and add fewer chemicals and keep pesky ducks and birds from visiting your pool at dawn.

Need Expert Advice?

Darren from Pool Equipment Brisbane is an expert in keeping your swimming pool healthy and clean all year round. If you need some more information on pool covers and rollers, get in contact today. Otherwise, browse our website to learn more about our products and services.

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